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Move over Archie and Veronica! Finally, there's another clean, cool comic book for kids. It's called WJHC, published by New York based Wilson Place Comics.

WJHC, a hip, funny look at the misadventures of an unlikely group of teens starting a school radio station, fills a long-standing void in the comic book arena. It's a page turner for kids, without sex, violence or super heroes. Created by Jane Smith Fisher, WJHC offers girls and boys something they haven't had in decades; a comic they'll love aimed directly and appropriately toward them. Fisher says, "It's WKRP meets Gen Y."

Fisher, a single mom, has been writing for children for 14 years. When she started her first comic in 1996, Cybernauts, she was surprised to find non-violent comic books had yet to be updated from the '60s and '70s.

"Children love to read and comic books are such a wonderful way of sparking their imagination. I knew if I could develop an idea that was really cool and funny, kids wouldn't miss the sex or violence." Fisher explained.

It turned out Fisher's hunch was right. WJHC is already a hit in the New York metro area. And the word is spreading across the country.

Kirsten Petersen was enlisted to design the characters and illustrate WJHC. Her unlimited imagination coupled with an understanding of animation results in page after page of clever imagery, so lively, the characters seem to be moving.

Fisher is thrilled to share that WJHC has been chosen for the third year in a row, to be part of the merchandise line for the Ms. Foundation's Take Our Daughters and Sons To Work Program. "It's great to be recognized for my effort to buck the trend of sex and violence in children's mass media."

The first and second issues are available in stores and at the all new website.

And this fall look for the upcoming trade paperback, WJHC: On the Air!