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Between the Stacks - special library edition
make this special full-color giveaway comic!
WJHC 'Between the Stacks' cover
The cast of WJHC comics is accidentally locked in their local library, overnight. What follows is a fun-filled exploration of all the wonders of the library. Before the WJHC crew is reluctantly rescued they learn about literary genres and classics. They discover all the wonderful audio, video &
DVD’s available, along with special library programs, an awesome reference section, internet service and more.

Also included in this library issue is a page of library
related “fun facts” AND an entertainment page including, resuable secret codes and brain teasers.

take a look

did you KNOW?
Order this Special Library Edition in quantities of 500, 1000, 10,000, and more!

100 copies
250 copies
500 copies
1,000 copies
5,000 copies
10,000 copies

.69 per copy
.65 per copy
.59 per copy
.49 per copy
.39 per copy
.35 per copy

For rates on higher quantities, shipping info and more general info, to contact Wilson Place Comics.