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Janey Wells Let's talk about Janey Wells
Life's like a roller coaster," Janey Wells will tell you. "Some ups, some downs, but always a thrill." And Janey should know. She's been on a high-flying ride her whole life. With two older brothers Janey has always tried to catch up and move ahead.

In preschool, while other children looked at the pictures, Janey read to the class. In the fifth grade, determined to help her troop sell the most Miss Cadet cookies in the country,

Janey organized a coalition of cadets that sold more cookies than any girls in Miss Cadet history.

And now she's taking over the airwaves with the hottest radio station Jackson Hill has ever heard. Who knows what's next for this fast track girl. Maybe a stint as the first woman president? Don't think she hasn't thought about it.

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