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Janey - Hi There! Broadcasting has never been like this!
I'm Janey Wells and this is the story of WJHC.

It all started when my friend Ciel (pronounced Seel) and I walked into school one day. As usual we couldnt hear each other speaking. That awful music
Ciel - I've Got It! was blasting from the loud speaker again. Im talking bad sound! I think they call it light music. But really, I dont care what they call it. Its nasty. And they played it every morning.

Something had to be done. But what? How could we, lowly students, stop this torture. Well, if you can believe it, right there in that hallway, the answer came to me. All right, the idea sort of hit Ciel first, but I picked right up on it... Speaker

We decided to replace this musical nightmare with music we would enjoy. Thats right. Take over the PA system and turn it into a student run radio station! Cool, right? Now all we had to do was convince our principal, Mrs. Bort, that this was the way to go.

I don't want to ruin the ending for you, so I won't say anymore. But I'll tell you this. When I put my mind to something, anything's possible. And looking back, getting this idea off the ground was pretty funny. The whole story's in the first issue of WJHC. Definitely check it out. And read the second issue to see if we can really hold this thing together. Wish us luck.

did you KNOW?
the skate
The Skate, WJHC's coolest DJ, finished dead last in his first skating competition. Can you believe that? Now, of course, he's a statewide champ.
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